Teeth Whitening

A dazzling white smile is something that everyone would like to have. This is why so many people commit so much time and money to whiten their teeth.Today, there are a wide range of options available to those who want to brighten their smile including over-the-counter tooth whitening kits or professional whitening services courtesy of their dentist.

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are two of the chemicals used most commonly for this purpose. The difference between the two is the potency and power of the chemicals when applied to the teeth.Dentists use a powerful hydrogen peroxide gel under closely monitored conditions. The do-it-yourself kits contain the much less reactive carbamide gel. Because the carbamide gel is not as strong a cleaning agent as the hydrogen peroxide used by the dentist, the treatment takes longer.

How do our teeth get stained? Many people don’t engaged in the most harmful habits - drinking tea or coffee, smoking, or grinding their teeth - but still experience discoloration of their teeth as they grow old. People are born with a unique interior tooth color that becomes gradually visible with the loss of tooth enamel through contact large doses of fluoride, and medical or physical trauma. “Intrinsic staining” is the name given this effect.

Though both these types of discoloration can be improved, the final result chiefly depends on the age and level of yellowing of the patient's teeth. The patient needs to be aware that not all intrinsic stains can be completely removed and they should discuss this with their dentist or whitening technician before consenting to treatment.

To have the process performed by a trained professional takes fifteen to twenty minutes. The treatment begins with the patient wearing a mouth guard and then having a “rubber guard” painted on the gums. The peroxide gel will then be applied to the teeth and left to sit for a short while. Most patients are provided with take-home kits to maintain their newly brightened teeth, or to address stains that were not entirely eliminated. Dentists recommend that such patients avoid smoking, darkly colored foods and beverages, and drinking through a straw for several days after the procedure.

Some dentists provide a take-home kit containing a low-intensity peroxide gel along with other equipment required for the procedure for a cost. This kit is often much less expensive, but the result may not be as good as can be realized by a professionally administered treatment.

There is a variety of whitening kits sold that are quite effective though they have to be applied at regular intervals throughout the week. But this easy-to-use and cheaper alternative cannot remove all intrinsic or deeper discoloration.