RMDP Standards

At Rocky Mountain Dental Partners, we have established a set of standards that we not only seek to practice by, but we seek to live by them. We believe that who we are and what we do should be the same in and out of the practice. We strive as a group to achieve professional and personal excellence in all we do.

Practice Philosophy

  • To maintain and improve the oral health of patients by providing quality care using the latest techniques in preventative, restorative, aesthetic, and reconstructive dentistry.

    » This means you get the best work available – the end!

  • Treatment is aligned with patient needs. Fees reflect treatment, not insurance dependency.

    » If you need treatment, we will tell you, regardless of your insurnace plan. We diagnose patients, not your benefits.

  • The group maximizes new technology and quality equipment, instruments, and supplies.

    » We seek to acquire the latest tools and techniques that will help us improve our ability to care for you.

  • Providers and staff are kind and treat patients and each other with respect.

    » We subscribe to the Golden Rule, treat others like you would like to be treated yourself – its that simple.

  • Providers and staff participate in training and education through qualified resources.

    » You can trust that your clinical team is current on the most effective and efficient treatment options.

  • Business partners provide practice management services to maximize efficiency and scale.

    » We focus on our core competency – treating you!

7 Core Values

To emulate these seven core values in everything we do as partners, as managers, as providers, and as employees:

  • 1. Honesty
  • 2. Integrity
  • 3. Hard Work
  • 4. Charity
  • 5. Quality
  • 6. Respect
  • 7. Beyond Reproach

Thank you for taking the time to read this section. We believe in our Philosophy and Core Values enough to publish them on our website for all to see.

If you would like to discuss our standards further, or would like to learn more about RMDP, please send us an email at the practice nearest you:

afd.rmdp@gmail.com    Aurora Family Dentistry–Aurora
asd.rmdp@gmail.com    Aspen Springs Dental–Centennial
cherrycreek@rmdentalpartners.com    Cherry Creek Family Dental–Denver

or, Contact Diane Smith    dsmith.rmdp@gmail.com