Digital Technology

Does digital technology make a difference, absolutely! Below is a preview of a few of the digital technoligies we have implemented in our practices:

1. Intra-Oral Cameras –With tiny cameras the size of a marker, we can show you on a computer monitor what we see when we see it. If you have a crack or a cavity on the inside of your tooth, we will show it to you.

2. Digital Radiography – Like a digital camera, we can now take a digital x-ray of your tooth, or your entire mouth. The results are instantanious, displaying on our monitors for both patient and doctor to see. There are two major benefits:

1. we know if we capture the image we were seeking, saving you time 2. we no longer have to use x-ray chemicals, reducing our impact on the environment– and your nose!

3. Diagnodent - A handheld laser light probe that highlights areas of decay (caries) in the patients mouth, allowing the doctor to diagnose decay on the tooth before the cavity may be felt by the patient or seen by the natural eye.

4. Electronic Claims – We can now check your insurance benefits and submit your insurance claim online, further increasing our accuracy of your patient portion.

5. Practice Management Software – We now have a paperless office. Your patient record is securely stored online behind our encrypted firewall. We can access your record at a moments notice, improving our speed and reducing your appointment and waiting time.

"There isn't just one way to do something. We have to explore all of the different ways we can make a patient's life better. We also need to ask ourselves if we are truly prepared to be agents of change. Change is not the issue — how we manage that change is what will define the future of dentistry."

Jeff Lavers, Vice President & General Manager, 3M ESPE Division

Our investment in digital technoloy further improves our ability to provide the best clinical care possible to our patients. In addition to these digital improvements, we have modernized equipment and instruments that improve our accuracy and speed. From cordless and electronic instruments cutting root canal treatment time in half to magnification eye glasses increasing our vision by three fold, our practices are equiped with the latest improvements in dental technology to improve our service to you.